Trust / Intimacy Issues

Life is the name of trusting others to an extent

Life is the name of trusting others to an extent, but such an extent must be limited so that it mustn’t damage your prestige as well. On a lot of occasions, we have no option but to trust people.

Sometimes in life, we are forced to trust the person even we don’t have a nodding acquaintance with them in advance. Life is the name of the trust / intimacy issues we have in our friends, relatives, and even our life partners.

Life is imperfect without allowing the entry of trust

Without having trust, life is imperfect. You trust your wife, and she trusts you in response. In other words, she trusts you and you trust her being a positive & honest towards her admirable attitude. Life is not able to stand still. With the passage of each moment, our life is getting short, so we can’t make it even shorter.

Create a climate where others can trust you

Learn to trust others & create a climate where others can trust you in a way that when you need them, they are not conspicuous by their absence. As a matter of fact, people accommodate those whom they are able to trust. For instance, if you don’t trust your wife, she will also no longer trust you. In this way, you’ve made your own bed, and you must lie in it.

The best way to invite trust to your life

The best way to invite trust to your life is to learn to trust yourself to do something you want to achieve whether it looks like getting blood out of a stone. You can trust some things in life while you can’t in others.

Some people just can’t trust what newspapers say! All is up to you depending on what nature you are bestowed with. Trust also means to believe something to be true. For example, you trust that life is a bed of roses. You trust that a friend of yours will never deceive you. 

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